Friday, 30 January 2015

Disconnecting from Human Server. Connecting to Nebula.

I wonder what it would be like to watch human life from a distance without any involvement in the happenings of the Earth. Not like God who is watching over his children kind of way, but just as a stranger sitting and munching on popcorn while watching the epic or not-so-epic life of humans.

We humans are so full of ourselves that we can hardly comprehend a world without our own worries. Seldom do we think about the vastness of the universe we are a part of or realize the significance of our existence on Earth. It still boggles me that if we sum up Earth's entire life into a year, human race starts within the last hour of December 31st; whereas dinosaurs lived for almost four entire days. And yet we claim the Earth and it's history as if it solely belongs to us and we are the ultimate species.

My objective behind writing this blog is not to make anybody feel small about themselves or get them to give up their life's work by making it feel insignificant. I just want to share a viewpoint of an outsider, something I try very hard to fathom. Being human by default makes it hard to stop fretting over life, to stop caring about my test results or the meal I have to prepare for dinner or even the sub-conscious worry of death. I have literally spent days worrying about things like what will I do once I graduate or what if I die without accomplish the purpose of my life? My chain of thoughts often reach stagnation points like these as I realize that my constant worry is not going to make me have control over every aspect of my life. If I die, I die. It is as simple as that. But to accept this fully I need to become the outsider and detach myself from my own identity for a while. Somehow this medication works for me and I am able to let go off worries. This blog is to extend the same to anybody who sees potential in the perspective of an outsider in helping us get a better hold of our own reality.

Well it is often said to put yourself in the shoes of others to better understand their viewpoint, so let me put on the shoes of a nebula and tell you what I see through the upcoming blogs. Now go wonder where did I get a pair of a nebula's shoes till I figure out a way to enter it's brain!